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Mechi, Nepal

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Mechi Zone is one of the fourteen (14) zones of Nepal. It is the most easterly state of Nepal. The zone of Mechi is divided into four districts: Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar and Taplejung. Jhapa is the most populated and developed district in Mechi Zone. Ilam and Panchthar is hilly, Ilam is also famous for its tea garden on the rolling hills and attracts many domestic tourists. Panchthar is between Ilam and Taplejung, the district with high mountains and cold region. Majority of the population of Mechi state are Rai and Limbus, but it also a home for people from other caste and groups like Rajbansi, Koche, Meche, Chettri, Bahun and Newars. Some of the major towns are Damak, Birtamod, Taplejung, Phidim, Kakarbhitta, Dhulabari, Budhabare, Sanischare, Charaali, Ilam, Bhardrapur, Chandragarhi, Dudhe, Kerkha and Surunga. The total area of Mechi State is about 8,195 Sq. km. The southern part of the state has better transport service than the hilly northern region. There are two airports in Mechi zone one in Bhadrapur/Chandraghadi and the other on in Suketar-Taplejung. Ilam is the capital of Mechi zone.


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